The best one-stop shop for ecommerce website development. We educate our clients and build strategies revolving around thier storefronts. We don’t just put your shop up, we optimize every aspect of your website call-to-action to help your shop succeed.

Our Approach

“Online Shopping is awesome from a business standpoint, it delivers an option to sell products every minute of every hour every day. I believe the real strategy lies within marketing the shopping experience to potiental clients.” – Ryan Cronin

We really don’t need to preach it, we all know the extent of how big online shopping is in 2017. The average consumer prefers to shop online, the average business prefers to shop online…so shouldn’t your product be online?

Not only do we help you build your custom storefront, hook up your payment gateway and optimize your call-to-action; we help you understand customer trends using data gathered by your own website.

How are we different?

We encourage meeting our clients in person or through video conferencing as often as possible. We care about staying on the same page as our clients. We also offer free updates to your website if you opt to host your website with us.

Our Process / How We Help You

1. Detail Your Business
2. Analyze Your Competition
3. Design Customized Website
4. Review Your Website & Discuss Online Strategy

Find out what LiteMedia can do for your small business, contact us to schedule a web design consultation today.